How To Find The Right Child Care For Your Autistic Child

If your child is autistic or faces another type of developmental disorder, his care is at the top of your priority list. But because you and your spouse both have full time jobs, you aren't able to be there for him around the clock. The next step is finding a child care program that fits your child's needs and makes you feel comfortable and secure about dropping him off each day. Because every child is different, it's important to find a center that will focus on his individual needs. Here are some things to take into consideration as you interview a child care center.

The Center Offers Individualized Care

If your child has been diagnosed by a psychiatrist or his pediatrician of having a developmental disorder or autism, all of the care he receives at home and away from home should be geared toward his well being. This means that he may only thrive well with one-on-one attention as opposed to being a part of a group learning experience. No matter what his age, he will still need specialized attention to ensure he feels safe and comfortable. Ask the child care program if they wish to refer to suggestions from your child's pediatrician about what will work best in his daily care. If they do want to collaborate and follow through with suggestions, this is a positive sign.

There's An Open-Door Policy In Place

It's important that you're able to stop in unannounced at your child's day care center should you choose to do so. This is part of an open-door policy in which you can see how your child is doing and how he is interacting with others throughout the day. If the child care center frowns upon it or only allows for certain visitation time, this could be a red flag. A child care center that encourages parents to stop by and assist with group activities is important.

They Let You Check Their References

If you've been unable to personally talk with other parents whose children have attended the child care center, you will want to check references. Most child care providers will give you a list of references and even allow you to perform background checks. Programs like the National Association for the Education of Young Children or NAEYC offers child care center accreditation and resources for parents and those involved in the care and education of children from birth to age eight. If the child care center is listed with the NAEYC, you'll be able to obtain detailed information about their educational programs.  

There's A Stimulating Curriculum In Place

Because learning and developmental disabilities can discourage small children, it's important that the child care center you choose can handle individual personal challenges. They may already have a curriculum geared toward children with disabilities. This is a real advantage for the overall success of your child's experience.

A child care center should be able to easily meet the needs of your child with autism. Asking questions and feeling comfortable in the facility and around the staff is the underlying factor you should be looking for.

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