Tips For Transitioning Your Child To Daycare

Going to daycare for the first time can be rough on your child. However, there are many things you can do to make that transition easier. By taking extra steps to help your child feel better about going to daycare, you can send them off knowing they will have a great experience. Follow the tips below to help your child have a smooth transition to daycare.

Take your child to the daycare ahead of time

One of the best things you can do to help your child prepare for being left at daycare is to take them there at least a few times before you drop them off. Try to bring your child during playtime. That may mean you need to talk with the provider to find out the best time. Encourage your child to talk to some of the other children and play some of the games. This will help them view the daycare as a familiar and fun place.

Get your child used to being separated from you

You should start getting your child used to being away from you as early as possible. Have family members and friends watch them while you run errands, or just to give the two of you some time apart. It's even better if you take your child to their homes so your child becomes accustomed to being without you at places away from home.

Get your child excited about daycare

You want your child to look forward to daycare. One way you can do this is to get them a lot of fun supplies they can take with them. The trick is to not let them play with the supplies until they take them to the daycare. Some examples of these supplies include a backpack with their favorite character on it, a fun drink bottle they chose themselves and a new outfit they like.

Set up a play date with another child from the daycare

While you are visiting the daycare you should get to know some of the other parents. Exchange numbers with one or more of the parents and try to set up some play dates with your children before your child starts daycare. This is going to give them a friend they can look forward to seeing when they head of to daycare on that first day.

By following the tips listed above you should have an easier time getting your child to transition to daycare for the first time. Look at daycare centers like for more tips about what you can expect through the transition.