Going To A Baby Shower? 3 Unique Gifts To Give To The Expectant Mother

If you are going to a baby shower, take along something other than diapers and onesies. The expectant mother may appreciate getting a gift that is a little different. Below are some great ideas you can use for this baby shower, as well as any future baby showers you attend.

Baby Bandana

Purchase a baby bandana for the new baby. This works well whether it is a girl or a boy. For either one, the bandana can be used to cover their head for sun protection. Hats are cute, but they constantly fall off, or the baby can pull them off. Not so with a bandana, and the baby will hardly know it is there.

For other uses, tie the bandana around a baby girls' head like a bow. For boys, loosely tie it around their neck. Adult sized bandanas work fine, or you can order specially designed bandanas for babies.

Purchase a few in different colors and designs so the soon to be mother can match them up with her baby's clothes.


You can find baby bibs in any baby store you go to, but you can also purchase unique baby bibs. For example, purchase a happy birthday baby bib that plays the birthday song to the new baby, or find a bib with Santa on it that plays Christmas music. The mother will likely not use these bibs for everyday use, but they can be used for special occasions, and they still serve the purpose of keeping food off their clothes.

A Dozen Socks

Instead of a dozen eggs, get the new baby a dozen socks instead. This is an inexpensive gift and it is fun to give. Use an empty egg carton, and roll up three pairs of socks to put in each compartment in varying sizes. For example, put three pairs of newborn socks in a few compartments, and then socks for the ages of 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months. You could also purchase monogrammed socks if you know the baby's name.

If you do not want to use an egg carton, put some socks in plastic Easter eggs, and then put the eggs in a cute basket lined with Easter grass.

Do not forget about mom when you are buying gifts for the baby. A certificate for a massage or at a local spa works nice, as they will need some time away to relax, even if it is for only one day.